Grounding 2. A Poem.

Sometimes just following a voice is grounding.  A poem by Wendell Berry. Yet, ask yourself to stay present to the poem, allowing yourself to really hear it.

Let the poem fill your senses, listen with your senses. Listen in for as long as it goes.

A comment by “Ben” precedes his reproduction of the poem, stating: “This poem is one of my favourites. It really speaks to the universality of place and family in the lives of the human race. It also calls out the absurdity of hating another people for reasons that are not entirely clear to any of us.”

You might also want to peek into this video by Colman McCarthy on Peace. If you start at minute 18:15, you’ll hear a response to: “How does goodness happen?” … yet the whole thing is good.

I’ll do another sometime this week that calls on physical aspects of grounding or anchoring again.

Things to say to your children…

…that you may not have heard. Someone drew this site to my attention.

Try to take a few of these on the ‘road’ – Aka, try them out. Try just a couple that you can back up with actions. For instance, if you say: “You have a fair point”, let yourself be impacted by their opinions. If you say “I’m listening”, listen.  And if you don’t have time to listen at the moment, say that. Honesty behind these words will work more wonders that the words alone.  So maybe “I love being your parent” becomes, “I love being your parent even when I’m too tired to show it”! Try to use the ones that speak your children’s language, not necessarily the ones you value most.

See what happens when you try a couple  on yourself – speaking to yourself. Choose tolerable ones, not the hardest ones: