Body Focused Psychotherapy

Hakomi is a somatic or body-focused therapy that is based on the principles of Mindfulness, Mind-Body Wholism, Non Violence, Unity, Organicity to open and to gently understand, core material.

I am a Certified Hakomi Therapist (C.H.T.) and am also familiar with a related approach called “The Recreation of the Self”. Additionally, I have also completed Level I of Pat Ogden’s Sensorimotor Psychotherapy training (2012).

Hakomi is a sophisticated method which allows us to study your ‘organization of experience’ as it shows up in the body. In doing so, the body and mind may be able to accept “missing experience” and become more adaptive in day to day life. This “brochure” describes how use of touch can broaden therapy’s effectiveness.

You are in charge of guiding me to guide you. We will discover how to name and move through areas where you have been stuck. This may be either due to developmental traumas (the ways that people can become stuck in various phases of their ‘growing up’ or development) or shock traumas (war, being robbed, raped, any forced loss of control). In these instances, there are areas where you have become frozen, or overly reactive. What comes up can be spoken of by you or kept private as we work together. At all times you are in control of what you choose to tell me, and when.

You can read more about Hakomi, on the Hakomi Calgary page. I have studied with trainers connected to the Hakomi Institute in Boulder, Colorado; a complete directory of practitioners is available.

The senses are wavering and blurry, but there is a clear fire inside… ~Rumi


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Last week I saw a video of a therapist reviewing and teaching a type of breath-work that involved a person pushing breath out strongly by pinching in their abdominal muscles. The instructions also involved acting as if one is blowing out a candle that is about arms length away. She suggested to re-seed one’s breath and reset an upset system by attempting to blow out this imaginary candle about 10 times, before your body may allow you to move into deeper, intentional breathing. It was a good video, but I should have noted its location (URL) at the time.

However, this simple list from “The Utopian Life” also appears to be quite good. If you have success with it, feel free to email me with what you notice. (I’m getting no payment for mentioning them. Check out their site if you wish).


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