Your First Session

As you step into my office for the first time, you will be made to feel welcome and comfortable. Together, we will become curious and inviting about how your past and present experiences affect and shape you. Since life woundings typically happen through relationship, it follows that healing also happens in relationship with a trusted person.

I respectfully balance your need for acceptance for who you are with your need for change.

Your care is held in confidence. The only exceptions to this confidentiality are:

  • 1) if you are at immediate danger to yourself or
  • 2) others,
  • 3) if a child is in danger of neglect or abuse, and
  • 4) if your charts are subpoenaed by court.

You will be asked for payment at the close of the session and you may seek compensation from your insurance sources or spending plans independently. You may wish to contact your insurance ahead of time to ask about your specific coverage plan for OT.

You are free to express any thoughts or preferences you have about therapy, including requesting additional, or alternate, referrals. I believe that therapy is a collaborative process and I commit to assisting you in speaking up for what you value and need.

I will teach you about my approach, deeply informed by Hakomi body-focused psychotherapy, and will offer a chance to see if this mindful method and my style is a fit for you.

In the first session I will gather your “New Client Info” as well as discuss the parameters of therapy. A separate consent form will relate to the therapeutic use of touch. Incorporating touch is always at your pace.

“…the heart that feels deeply has wisdom…” ~Chuang Tzu

My goal is to listen to your specific needs: Do you hope to increase your sense of meaning and satisfaction? Are you looking to improve your day to day functioning (ie: relationships with others, functioning at work, your sense of yourself)? Do you perhaps have automatic physical, or psychological, reactions that get in your way?

We work on what you want to work on, and spend time on what you find beneficial for your healing, with clear guidance from me on why I am suggesting the interventions I suggest.


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Your Body, Your Best Therapist

Is it May already? and 2020. What a weird year!

Sent via my social media and transferred here for you. I’d be curious what people thought about the “anxiety” one. Seems perhaps a bit incomplete. As an occupational therapist, I would add that all of these emotions require bravery – and that anxiety needs bravery + movement + accomplishment (however small). And singing, anxiety needs singing.

It may need acknowledgement that our evolutionary or developmental systems have wires that have been tripped. And perhaps a part is true, but often the ball of worry that snowballs is simply protective, and not fully true in every part. Some of anxiety is habit.

Some of it is an evolutionary “RUN!” when we may need to stand our ground. Or the hard whisper of “Freeze!” when we are actually safe enough to move. How do we know? Talking, being still and waiting with compassion, breathing, looking around, maybe humour, maybe dark humour…. but not just believing that anxiety is being fully honest. Sometimes it’s just our muscles,  that need water, a walk and some humour.  Sometimes it’s overwhelm that needs to do just one small thing. Sometimes we need to actually talk our way into doing a simple task – with bravery, yes. But also with Doing.

Oh, yes, but I was going to just show you this! .What does your body say.. enjoy:

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 10.25.02 PM

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