Occupational Therapy

In Occupational Therapy the word “Occupation” refers to any human activity by which humans “occupy” themselves and create meaning. I will help you look at what you do, who you are, and what you need. I use a variety of techniques as guided by your preferences.

Occupational Therapy Quotations:

“Occupational Therapy promotes the highest level of functioning in the areas of occupational performance: self care, productivity and leisure.”

“Occupational Therapy involves people in meaningful occupation to develop, improve, sustain and restore skill for the job of living.”

“Occupational Therapy works to find the best fit between the person and their socio-cultural and physical environments that encourages independence, involves appropriate level of support and provides satisfaction in life roles.”

Beyond “techniques”, you will experience steadiness and acceptance from me while we work to increase your own sense of fit between who you are as a person, your environment and your daily activities. We may look at undeveloped or lost leisure and hobby pursuits, gaps and strengths in relating to others, a change of employment, and activities we do for self care.

I merge my background as an occupational therapist with approaches that are being validated by discoveries in neuroscience and trauma work. (You can read from John Kabat-Zinn, Dan Siegel, Peter A. Levine, Pat Ogden,  Bessel Van der Kolk to learn more about current research and practices.) I use skills in Therapeutic use of Activity,  support for natural strengths, mindfulness and Hakomi Body-focused therapy, Solution-focused therapyCognitive Behavioural TherapyDBT-informed therapy.

Occupational Therapy and Career Assessment: My focus is not specifically on career assessment; I will work with people’s satisfaction with what ever daily activities they do – be it raising a family, tending a home, volunteering, being employed or being unemployed, but not formal assessment as it is often understood.


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Last week I saw a video of a therapist reviewing and teaching a type of breath-work that involved a person pushing breath out strongly by pinching in their abdominal muscles. The instructions also involved acting as if one is blowing out a candle that is about arms length away. She suggested to re-seed one’s breath and reset an upset system by attempting to blow out this imaginary candle about 10 times, before your body may allow you to move into deeper, intentional breathing. It was a good video, but I should have noted its location (URL) at the time.

However, this simple list from “The Utopian Life” also appears to be quite good. If you have success with it, feel free to email me with what you notice. (I’m getting no payment for mentioning them. Check out their site if you wish).


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