Occupational Therapy

In Occupational Therapy the word “Occupation” refers to any human activity by which humans “occupy” themselves and create meaning. I will help you look at what you do, who you are, and what you need. I use a variety of techniques as guided by your preferences.

Occupational Therapy Quotations:

One of the key ideas of Occupational Therapy is the reality of the body-mind working together.

“Man, through the use of his hands, as they are energized by mind and will, can influence the state of his own health,”  ~1962, Mary Reilly, EdD, OTR, FAOTA (1916–2012) The same can be said for humans in general, no doubt!*

“Occupational Therapy promotes the highest level of functioning in the areas of occupational performance: self care, productivity and leisure.”

“Occupational Therapy involves people in meaningful occupation to develop, improve, sustain and restore skill for the job of living.”

“Occupational Therapy works to find the best fit between the person and their socio-cultural and physical environments that encourages independence, involves appropriate level of support and provides satisfaction in life roles.”

*I value quoting peoples’ words original forms. It obviously relates to any gender.

Beyond “techniques”, you will experience steadiness and acceptance from me while we work to increase your own sense of fit between who you are as a person, your environment and your daily activities. We may look at undeveloped or lost leisure and hobby pursuits, gaps and strengths in relating to others, a change of employment, and activities we do for self care.

I merge my background as an occupational therapist with approaches that are being validated by discoveries in neuroscience and trauma work. (You can read from John Kabat-Zinn, Dan Siegel, Peter A. Levine, Pat Ogden,  Bessel Van der Kolk to learn more about current research and practices.) I use skills in Therapeutic use of Activity,  support for natural strengths, mindfulness and Hakomi Body-focused therapy, Solution-focused therapyCognitive Behavioural TherapyDBT-informed therapy.

Occupational Therapy and Career Assessment: My focus is not specifically on career assessment; I will work with people’s satisfaction with what ever daily activities they do – be it raising a family, tending a home, volunteering, being employed or being unemployed, but not formal assessment as it is often understood.

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Your Body, Your Best Therapist

Is it May already? and 2020. What a weird year!

Sent via my social media and transferred here for you. I’d be curious what people thought about the “anxiety” one. Seems perhaps a bit incomplete. As an occupational therapist, I would add that all of these emotions require bravery – and that anxiety needs bravery + movement + accomplishment (however small). And singing, anxiety needs singing.

It may need acknowledgement that our evolutionary or developmental systems have wires that have been tripped. And perhaps a part is true, but often the ball of worry that snowballs is simply protective, and not fully true in every part. Some of anxiety is habit.

Some of it is an evolutionary “RUN!” when we may need to stand our ground. Or the hard whisper of “Freeze!” when we are actually safe enough to move. How do we know? Talking, being still and waiting with compassion, breathing, looking around, maybe humour, maybe dark humour…. but not just believing that anxiety is being fully honest. Sometimes it’s just our muscles,  that need water, a walk and some humour.  Sometimes it’s overwhelm that needs to do just one small thing. Sometimes we need to actually talk our way into doing a simple task – with bravery, yes. But also with Doing.

Oh, yes, but I was going to just show you this! .What does your body say.. enjoy:

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 10.25.02 PM

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