“The Most Apt Maxim”

This popped up on Linkedin. I thought it was worth sharing here to emphasize that we, not only our therapists, can know about what helps the human condition. And we all have things to rise to, these days.

“In this rare clip from 1972, legendary psychiatrist and Holocaust-survivor Viktor Frankl delivers a powerful message about the human search for meaning — and the most important gift we can give others.”

Preserving Strength

When our strength is pulled on in unexpected and ambiguous ways, it’s important to have a bit of a strategy, even if we can’t control things. This article, lays out a few places where folks can get a foot hold:

How to preserve your mental strength when everything is uncertain

There is knowledge, and then there is movement. Neither is sufficient on its own. So, also find an online group of people doing movement (Yoga, stretching, Tai Chi, or meditation etc) and join them. Try to find a group that you can join daily or weekly and get to know – and make a regular practice of being there with them 🙂

In a slightly different vein, I want to add a soft song from a singer who relentlessly holds hope and shares it in song. Perhaps it’s a “lullaby for adults” as I heard someone call it: “I Forgive Myself”