An Interview to Kick Off 2022

Well, July, we are a long way from needing ice!

Jan, 3, 2022: When I listen to the radio, which I do often, I come into contact with new content. New content for my head, for my heart. Listening to radio feels softer than other media (in between the often daunting hourly news). I often feel like I’m part of something bigger. I prefer radio, maybe, because it doesn’t take over all of my senses at once,

Today “The Current” interviewed people doing kind of normal things. As our society heads into another year of what we hadn’t expected, “The Current” highlights taking it easier.

Today’s show included an interview with Jeff Warren of “The Do Nothing Project“. Sometimes we have to get off the wheel of actions & thoughts, and sit, reflect, and actually do nothing; and sometimes it’s easier with a bit of company. Jeff Warren has also written well and simply about the democratization of mental health. Links included in above.

Best wishes for a good year….Welcome 2022.